Operations & Revenue Transformation


Organizations are challenged with fierce competition and rapid change as physical storefronts strain the balance sheet and provide less return in a more virtualized world.  

Input prices are skyrocketing. Successful organizations place a heavier focus on cost optimization and operational efficiency by reducing cost in administrative functions through a centralizing administrative services and focusing cost on the core competencies. In order to gain a competitive edge and capitalize on opportunities, organizations need to execute a robust risk management and strategy to drive quicker and better decisions.

Infoedge helps our clients to drive growth and keep up with complex market changes; ultimately delivering tangible and sustainable solutions to achieve performance goals.

Ways infoedge delivers value to your organization:

-Operations Excellence
-Strategy Streamline and Integrate Operational
-Processes Risk Strategy and Risk Management
-Cost Reduction Strategy

Customer Engagement Optimization


Integrated customer engagement, regardless of medium, focuses on driving value to the customer through development of innovative competitive differentiators that maintain and expand market share.  In a competitive market, service and product providers are confronted with rising customer expectations of interaction and rapidly changing customer needs.

Infoedge helps our clients develop solutions to better align their business and technology objectives to achieve excellent customer satisfaction and improve conversion rates; ultimately improving the bottom line.


Ways Infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

  • Digital Customer Engagement Strategy
  • Customer-centric Mobile Payment Strategy
  • Customer-centric Strategy and Implementation
  • Multichannel Customer Engagement Strategy 

Regulatory Compliance (SOX, PCI)

As products and services industries move away from the traditional brick-and-mortar towards eCommerce and mobile payment, there is more emphasis on security and compliance. A leak in customer information can drastically impact an organization's customer retention, loyalty, and reputation. Organizations need to develop a sustainable, cost-efficient, and robust security and compliance framework to ensure their customer data is secure.

Infoedge works closely with our clients to deliver cost-effective solutions to adhere to regulations. We help our clients navigate through the complex regulatory landscape to anticipate future regulations and develop tailored strategies and recommendations.


Ways Infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

-Regulatory Compliance Strategy and Implementation (SOX, GLBA, PCI)
-Audit and Controls
-Compliance Training
-Fraud Prevention Strategy and Implementation