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preetham peter

Managing Principal

With significant experience in financial services, healthcare and the products/services space, Preetham helps clients solve their most pressing business challenges and capitalize on their most significant opportunities. He believes in putting clients first as people, and accepts nothing less than the very best in terms of the value provided to them. He accomplishes this by facilitating discussions with the right stakeholders to truly understand the problems people face to deliver solutions that work. An advisor on many IT performance improvement areas, the depth and breadth of his subject-matter expertise allows him to come up with alternative solutions to complex business issues.


justin suissa


Justin is a passionate, high-energy IT professional with extensive experience helping companies solve their business and technical problems while driving value. A proven leader, he combines deep consulting experience with business acumen to accomplish client objectives — on time and on budget. Leading infoedge's Governance, Risk and Compliance (iGRC) practice, Justin helps organizations address information risk, security, privacy and compliance needs while finding solutions to key industry and business challenges. He focuses on putting information risk into a business context, enabling his clients and their boards to make the right decisions. Justin's experience includes leading teams and managing projects in complex technical environments in a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, technology and hospitality. Outside of work, Justin is a big outdoor enthusiast and traveler.

our advisory board


glenn fishler

Principal, CEO to CEO, Inc.

Glenn is currently Principal at CEO to CEO, Inc., a niche management consulting firm comprised of former CEOs who advise CEO's of mid-sized companies on "all things CEO".  He has over 35 years experience as a business leader, including 15 years as President and CEO of EORM, a leading EHS consulting firm that he co-founded, sold to London-based BSI Group in 2015, then led an aggressive add-on acquisitions strategy that resulted in a business of over 300 employees generating revenue of $65M/year.  His areas of expertise include M&A, sales and marketing, operations, and leadership team development. 


dwayne melancon

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Dwayne is a leader in the application of research and quantitative analysis in information risk and security. He focuses on developing and utilizing methods to help modern organizations succeed in the information economy. Dwayne’s approaches are practical and business-focused which help alleviate constraints that prevent typical operating models to evolve.


our leadership team


Gelobter, Ph.D.


Michel is an experienced leader with extensive knowledge building new institutions, and driving social and technical innovation in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He has held senior positions in advocacy, government, academia and business, with an ongoing substantive focus on environment, energy and social impact. He most enjoys using his experience to surprise clients with innovative results. Prior to joining infoedge, Michel co-founded the fastest-growing platform for building energy data and a company whose mission is to connect every purchase to a solution for global warming. In government, he managed capital budgets in excess of one billion dollars and also worked as an advocate, founding a number of environmental justice, water and oceans organizations. Michel led successful efforts to pass aggressive, revenue-generating climate legislation in California and the Northeastern United States. He was the founding director of the environmental policy program at Columbia University and the energy and environment track at Singularity University. Outside of work, Michel enjoys spending time with his kids.





Joe has 20+ years of experience in information technology and consulting, from software development and security engineering to executive suite. Recognizing that change is hard, Joe’s passion is improving his clients’ condition - with uncovering what changes create the biggest impact, and partnering as an experienced mentor to guide them through implementing those changes. Joe previously worked as VP of Engineering in the payments industry, developing “pay at the table” technology for restaurants. Now he helps clients do more with less by driving out waste and increasing efficiency with their IT investments. He specializes in Agile, DevOps, Lean IT and beyond. His goal is for his clients to turn their technology programs into force multipliers - not cost centers. Thanks to his experience, he is a master at nurturing relationships with clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys traveling, immersing himself in new cultures or languages and being in nature where he can disconnect from technology.




With his background of an accomplished systems and network architect, Michael enjoys helping his clients see quantitative success in implementation and enhancement of business applications, enterprise management, and security management. His clients reap the benefits of his experience in handling multi-million-dollar security compliance and vulnerability management projects for a major financial services company. Working at infoedge allows him to create repeatable processes that let his clients make fast, informed business decisions. What he does best is measuring performance and upping transparency in his clients’ complex programs. In his spare time, Michael enjoys skateboarding and guitar playing.





With over 10 years of professional experience working in financial auditing and at high-profile management consulting firms, Karolina is the best at what she does. She is passionate about helping her clients’ drive business performance through patient engagement strategies and through improvements in the consumer revenue stream (while ensuring the patients get an excellent payment experience). Karolina holds a MBA from Hult International Business School and a Master’s of Science in Economics, Finance and Banking. As a member of UK-based accounting and managerial finance body, ACCA, she focuses on ensuring recommended strategies directly result in maximized outcomes for her clients. In her spare time, Karolina enjoys reading about autonomous vehicles and the concepts of new mobility. She plans to visit every state in the U.S.A. and continue her globetrotting adventures.



Senior Consultant

Having a decade of experience on both sides of software engineering and business analysis, Suman has hands-on proficiency in developing, leading and managing complex IT strategy solutions. She focuses on Information Risk and Compliance. With her MBA and computer science engineering background, she assesses business problems in a structured way for quick, scalable results. A creative, tactful and quick learner -- Suman shows how art and science of management blend to solve business problems. Designing a maturity roadmap to demonstrate short and long-term success for her client across different industries is her specialty. Before infoedge, she worked as a business analyst in automation and insurance sectors, handling complex technologies like SAP CRM and Six Sigma projects. She enjoys cooking, playing badminton and crocheting for its complexity.



Senior Consultant

Helping restructure a university’s nearly $6 billion budget during a recession gave charles an opportunity to hone his ability of creative problem-solving and spotting hidden solutions. his clients value his approach of doing what’s right above all else in business. prior to joining infoedge, he worked at a boutique strategic consulting firm providing insights in a variety of areas, from energy and big data analytics to mortgage finance. he also worked to develop quantitative risk models for financial services clients in addition to helping them deploy capital to meet their unique needs. charles holds a master’s degree from the university of washington, and a bachelor’s from the college of william and mary. at infoedge he continues to develop creative solutions based on quantitative rigor and a keen sense of his clients needs.



Senior Consultant

As a top notch consultant with over a decade of working in the technology field, Kunal has extensive experience developing technology strategy and executing projects in diversified areas such as payment systems, solar energy and electronics manufacturing. Kunal holds an MBA from University of California-Berkeley, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Brainstorming effective solutions to solve his clients’ problems through unique and innovative digital applications is his favorite part of his job. Prior to joining infoedge, Kunal served as a program manager for a developing-world solar lighting project, and worked on problems in the renewable energy, environment, and sustainable development fields at a premier research institute. When not working, Kunal is found exploring new corners of the world, sailing, cycling or running.


Senior Consultant

With 30+ years of experience in systems engineering and architecture focusing on security and systems management, Robert is a recognized expert in the industry. His clients enjoy his expertise in translating their business objectives into real-life plans tackling identity, IT systems and security management. Thanks to his experience, his clients now adapt to a rapidly evolving business environment armed with their new agile architecture skills. Prior to joining infoedge, Robert worked at one of the world’s largest IT outsourcing firms as the enterprise architect for security services. Robert has a bachelor’s degree from Angelo State University. Outside of work, Robert enjoys time with his family and volunteers with local organizations to help at-risk children and their families.



Senior Consultant

With over 15 years of hands-on expertise serving a variety of industries - like construction, energy and financial services - Guy excels in driving a project towards successful results. His background includes a blend of consulting for energy and oil industries, working in the financial sector and supervising educational courses. Because of this varied experience, his clients gain a highly analytical and problem-solving view. Additionally, his clients thoroughly comprehend exactly what issues need to be solved – and how to move forward – when working with him. Guy specializes in helping his clients stronghold their compliance and risk management programs. Guy holds an MBA from Hult International Business School and a BA from Duke University.