Healthcare Consumer Payments

As healthcare costs skyrocket and employers move towards High Deductible plans, financial responsibility for treatment is slowly shifting toward patients and away from large payers. Healthcare organizations, accustomed to dealing with large payers, are now having to change their focus to deal with individuals, a far different reality that will only continue to grow under the new Healthcare regime in the United States.

With higher costs to collect individual payments and the potential for significantly longer payment realization, the current healthcare revenue realization model is under significant pressure.  Health systems must adapt to work with individuals in order to minimize lost revenue and bad debts as part of their revenue cycle program.

infoedge works closely with our clients to deliver value and forward thinking solutions; ultimately helping them to work through the transition of shifting payments from payers to individuals and increasing timely payment recognition without affecting patient outcomes.

Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

- Payment Acceleration Strategy
- Enterprise Payment Solution Strategy
- Healthcare Service Modeling, Design, and Implementation
- Patient Payment Portals
- Shared Service Strategy for Payments Office
- Medicare and Medicaid Financial Counseling Strategy

Patient Engagement Optimization

With the advance of recent legislation in the United States, Healthcare is poised to rapidly evolve from a traditional “wholesale” services sales and delivery approach (i.e. a Business to Business) to a consumerized “retail” model (i.e. Business to Customer).

Healthcare systems and providers that are not able to effectively engage and drive satisfactory treatment experiences with their members or are unable realize enhanced patient outcomes through engagement, will be left wanting as membership growth becomes stagnant or declines and outcome measures fail to improve.

It is essential for healthcare systems to leverage EMR be more patient and outcome focused and delight their members by empowering them with innovative solutions to realize healthier lifestyles.

infoedge works closely with our clients to deliver patient-centric strategies and develop sustainable, engaged relationships with members across several dimensions.

Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

-Digital Medicine Strategy
-Digital Patient Engagement Strategy
-Patient Engagement Process Transformation
-Patient-centric Service and Culture Transformation 

Regulatory Compliance (SOX, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, ICD-10)

Healthcare systems are challenged to establish sustainable, yet highly flexible compliance programs in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

infoedge works closely with our clients to identify areas of potential regulatory risk, opportunity, and convergence and assists with developing integrated compliance strategies to address regulatory assurance requirements and audit-readiness.

We help our clients navigate through the complex, ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

-Regulatory Compliance Strategy and Implementation (SOX, HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, ICD-10)
-Audit and Controls
-Accountable Care Organization Transformation
-Meaningful Use Eligibility
-Compliance Training