Our team is made up of expert advisors who partner with executives and management teams within the healthcare, financial services, and products or services industries.

 The people that work at infoedge show me they are a trusted and committed partner looking out for my best interests.”  
- Ron Miner | VP of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Catholic Health Initiatives 


Management & Consulting Teams

Marc Jaffery, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist

For the past 25 years, Marc has been engaged in financial risk modeling and data analysis, as well as theoretical research in mathematics, physics and geophysics. He has developed proven IT risk and strategic capital asset allocation assessment methodologies and decision support models for Fortune 500 companies. Marc has developed industry-based information risk assessment models, managed operations for IT risk-consulting services in Europe, and developed analysis engines for micro-seismic earthquake location software. He has also presented numerous talks on a wide variety of topics and written several white papers on IT financial risk and strategic investment assessment methodologies, as well as published theoretical research in applied and theoretical mathematics.

Michel Gelobter, Ph.D.


Michel is an experienced leader with extensive knowledge building new institutions, and driving social and technical innovation in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He has held senior positions in advocacy, government, academia and business, with an ongoing substantive focus on environment, energy and social impact. He most enjoys using his experience to surprise clients with innovative results. Prior to joining infoedge, Michel co-founded the fastest-growing platform for building energy data and a company whose mission is to connect every purchase to a solution for global warming. In government, he managed capital budgets in excess of one billion dollars and also worked as an advocate, founding a number of environmental justice, water and oceans organizations. Michel led successful efforts to pass aggressive, revenue-generating climate legislation in California and the Northeastern United States. He was the founding director of the environmental policy program at Columbia University and the energy and environment track at Singularity University. Outside of work, Michel enjoys spending time with his kids.

Stanley St-Fleur

Stan uses his innovative experiences to help organizations from diverse industries determine, design, develop and deliver digital capabilities that transform consumer brand experiences and an organization’s bottom line. He helps clients evolve their business models and build their revenue streams so they can stay relevant. His expertise includes helping organizations modernize and evolve their business models to incorporate digital capabilities into the back office and front office functions — leading to reduced costs, increased revenue streams, new revenue streams based on digital products and services, and more loyal consumers. Outside of work, Stan enjoys disconnecting from technology and traveling the globe.

Alan Barnett

Over 25 years of experience leading data integration and decision support initiatives at top companies in technology, healthcare and litigation industries, Alan’s impeccable track record of delivering high-quality solutions speaks for itself. His IT clients reap the benefits of his extensive background in information management, data architecture, governance, software methodology, product design around information integration, data extraction and transformation. He is a well-respected expert in solution definition and design. An energetic and open leader, he encourages creativity and collaboration – two essentials for successful strategic initiatives. Prior to infoedge, he reduced software builds per release cycle by 40%, saved a company over $20 million in operational costs, and increased customer retention by 30% and profits by 50%. When not working, Alan plays racquetball, enjoys new adventures with his wife and increasing his tolerance for spicy foods.

Michael Kappes

With his background of an accomplished systems and network architect, Michael enjoys helping his clients see quantitative success in implementation and enhancement of business applications, enterprise management, and security management. His clients reap the benefits of his experience in handling multi-million-dollar security compliance and vulnerability management projects for a major financial services company. Working at infoedge allows him to create repeatable processes that let his clients make fast, informed business decisions. What he does best is measuring performance and upping transparency in his clients’ complex programs. In his spare time, Michael enjoys skateboarding and guitar playing.

Joe Knape


Joe has 20+ years of experience in information technology and consulting, from software development and security engineering to executive suite. Recognizing that change is hard, Joe’s passion is improving his clients’ condition - with uncovering what changes create the biggest impact, and partnering as an experienced mentor to guide them through implementing those changes. Joe previously worked as VP of Engineering in the payments industry, developing “pay at the table” technology for restaurants. Now he helps clients do more with less by driving out waste and increasing efficiency with their IT investments. He specializes in Agile, DevOps, Lean IT and beyond. His goal is for his clients to turn their technology programs into force multipliers - not cost centers. Thanks to his experience, he is a master at nurturing relationships with clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys traveling, immersing himself in new cultures or languages and being in nature where he can disconnect from technology. 

Karolina Chachulska
Senior Consultant


With over 10 years of professional experience working in financial auditing and at high-profile management consulting firms, Karolina is the best at what she does. She is passionate about helping her clients’ drive business performance through patient engagement strategies and through improvements in the consumer revenue stream (while ensuring the patients get an excellent payment experience). Karolina holds a MBA from Hult International Business School and a Master’s of Science in Economics, Finance and Banking. As a member of UK-based accounting and managerial finance body, ACCA, she focuses on ensuring recommended strategies directly result in maximized outcomes for her clients. In her spare time, Karolina enjoys reading about autonomous vehicles and the concepts of new mobility. She plans to visit every state in the U.S.A. and continue her globetrotting adventures.

Vaneesh Kapoor
Senior Consultant


With a wealth of project management, analytical and business management experience, Vaneesh is skilled at pinpointing the key levers that hugely impact a client’s business and executing those actions to greatest efficiency. Prior to joining infoedge, he was responsible for streamlining project planning strategies to run more effectively while focusing on SDLC deployment. Vaneesh holds a bachelor in biological sciences from University of California. Outside of work, Vaneesh enjoys listening to music with his new baby, and watching Manchester United play soccer. 


Suman Kukreti
Senior Consultant


Having a decade of experience on both sides of software engineering and business analysis, Suman has hands-on proficiency in developing, leading and managing complex IT strategy solutions. She focuses on Information Risk and Compliance. With her MBA and computer science engineering background, she assesses business problems in a structured way for quick, scalable results. A creative, tactful and quick learner -- Suman shows how art and science of management blend to solve business problems. Designing a maturity roadmap to demonstrate short and long-term success for her client across different industries is her specialty. Before infoedge, she worked as a business analyst in automation and insurance sectors, handling complex technologies like SAP CRM and Six Sigma projects. She enjoys cooking, playing badminton and crocheting for its complexity.


Sales & Marketing

John Salmon
EVP Global Sales & Business Development

An accomplished enterprise security services and technology sales and business development executive, John focuses on establishing, managing and maximizing mutually beneficial client relationships. His goal is to invest in his client's success, both professional and personal.  He manages a loyal customer base through hands-on solution selling that stresses understanding key client initiatives, motivations and requirements. John is also responsible for opening new markets and creating new service offerings, conducting go-to-market tests and adjusting offerings accordingly to provide the highest possible value to clients. He takes pride in building the infoedge brand and raising its profile as an impact player in the consulting space. Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with family and friends listening to music, going to the beach, talking around a fire pit and skiing.


16-Photos-Rachel-Garcia (1).jpg

Having over 12 years of B2B marketing experience for technological, biological and service-related industries, Rachel focuses on marketing strategies deploying meaningful and remarkable content. Rachel previously worked as a marketing communications manager for Particle Measuring systems, a Spectris company, that is the largest particle counter manufacturer in the world. A most demonstrated achievement of hers is a domestic and an international campaign on Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Guides to Particle Technology attributing two million dollars revenue in less than six months. Rachel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Colorado State University and an MBA from University of Phoenix. When not working at infoedge, she enjoys the Colorado outdoors, travel and time spent with loved ones who remind her that it is okay to have fun sometimes.