IT Cost and Value Optimization

When applications and services are designed and built without strict focus on business imperatives, it directly impacts every level of the organization. This impacts organizations’ financial profits and operational efficiencies due to rework and the undertaking of extraneous work. Compounding program complexity and reducing transparency of objectives, status and issues creates a greater need for alignment and governance.

Identify and address misalignment of planned efforts to anticipated value through repeatable processes and reusable tools. Rapidly pinpoint deficiencies in your business case and linkages to desired benefits in your project charters, business requirements, solution designs and test plans. By building on this, you can strategically enhance status reporting and cross-organizational governance to provide greater transparency for risk management, dependency management, architectural governance and on-going value management.


Key services:

Business case assessment

Governance enhancement

Program alignment


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Michael Kappes

With his background of an accomplished systems and network architect, Michael enjoys helping his clients see quantitative success in implementation and enhancement of business applications, enterprise management, and security management. His clients reap the benefits of his experience in handling multi-million-dollar security compliance and vulnerability management projects for a major financial services company. Working at infoedge allows him to create repeatable processes that let his clients make fast, informed business decisions. What he does best is measuring performance and upping transparency in his clients’ complex programs. In his spare time, Michael enjoys skateboarding and guitar playing.