“Do it right, then do it fast.”

Success in business isn’t about what software to build or buy, or what cloud provider to use. It’s about delivering value to the customer faster than your competitors. infoedge can help you reduce time to market, reduce costs and overhead, and reduce waste from failed initiatives and sunk costs. Regardless of whether your IT departments are struggling with software delivery, service implementation, or other initiatives, infoedge can help you deliver value faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Key offerings:

Software Delivery

Software development and delivery capabilities at the speed that makes sense for your business and customers.


Organizational Change Management

Scale up to deliver quickly and efficiently across multiple value streams and service lines. From risk and readiness to stakeholder management and effective communication, infoedge helps you drive the change you need.


High Performance Organization

Identify and correct issues negatively impacting value delivery. infoedge brings Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, and Improvement Planning expertise to bear on the areas of your organization that are preventing you from delighting your customers.


meet one of our experts:

joe knape, director

Joe has 20+ years of experience in information technology and consulting, from software development and security engineering to executive suite. Recognizing that change is hard, Joe’s passion is improving his clients’ condition - with uncovering what changes create the biggest impact, and partnering as an experienced mentor to guide them through implementing those changes. Joe previously worked as VP of Engineering in the payments industry, developing “pay at the table” technology for restaurants. Now he helps clients do more with less by driving out waste and increasing efficiency with their IT investments. He specializes in Agile, DevOps, Lean IT and beyond. His goal is for his clients to turn their technology programs into force multipliers - not cost centers. Thanks to his experience, he is a master at nurturing relationships with clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys traveling, immersing himself in new cultures or languages and being in nature where he can disconnect from technology.