Capability Optimization


The mandate of IT to support their organization’s information strategy continues to grow, and the capability to do so is only getting more complicated as business customers are utilizing information in increasingly complex ways. From Cloud and Big Data, to the need to manage and integrate a legacy portfolio, IT needs to take an information focus – how it is acquired, analyzed, utilized, and shared – in order to optimize the organization’s technology capabilities and realize its information strategy.

Our service offerings in this practice include:

  • Optimize the current IT portfolio –identify gaps for closure and redundancies for rationalization
  • Design new IT services and enhancements to existing solutions
  • Enable migration to Cloud and utilization of Software as a Service
  • Support program and change management 

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Financial Optimization


Businesses are demanding more accountability for IT cost and IT must respond with more efficient allocation of its limited, and sometimes shrinking, budgetary resources. These requirements can both be rationalized through an effective IT financial framework that increases transparency, identifies opportunities for reduction, and adopts a more variable, operational expense model. Such a model allows the business to see how their information operations impact IT cost while allowing IT to shift spend to where it is most needed.

Our service offerings in this practice include:

  • Evaluate IT spend and develop a cost reduction strategy
  • Define and design an IT demand management and chargeback/accountability model
  • Support program and change management

Service Optimization


IT organizations that remain legacy, technology-oriented cost centers fail to capture true information value and are rapidly falling to the bottom of the class with respect to their high-performing peers.  Those organizations that develop a strong customer-oriented mindset, and standardize their people, process, and technology around their customer – the business – are better able to partner with their counterparts to prioritize IT investments in order to meet or exceed their organization’s strategic information goals.

Our service offerings in this practice include:

  • Develop IT service management investment plans (business cases)
  • Define IT service management strategies, roadmaps, and implementation plans
  • Design and standardize robust IT services and processes
  • Develop and help implement IT service catalogs and service hierarchies
  • Support diverse IT programs and change management initiatives