Integrated Experience 

Consumer behavior has shifted, and companies with static business models are struggling to keep pace.

To gain traction in today's economy and remain relevant with consumers, you have to seamlessly integrate in-person and digital consumer experience, while at the same time balance the overall workforce experience. The burden of transformation is typically placed with IT, which by its very nature is focused on making technology-based enhancements to enable existing business capabilities. Finding the right mix of digital capabilities to design, develop and deploy requires rethinking your business strategy and the way your workforce must adapt to help deliver it.    

Key services:

Digital business models

Digital playbook for product development

KPM framework and dashboard

Omni-channel strategy and design


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Stanley St-Fleur

Stan uses his innovative experiences to help organizations from diverse industries determine, design, develop and deliver digital capabilities that transform consumer brand experiences and an organization’s bottom line. He helps clients evolve their business models and build their revenue streams so they can stay relevant. His expertise includes helping organizations modernize and evolve their business models to incorporate digital capabilities into the back office and front office functions — leading to reduced costs, increased revenue streams, new revenue streams based on digital products and services, and more loyal consumers. Outside of work, Stan enjoys disconnecting from technology and traveling the globe.