Information Discovery and Management 

Turn data into a business advantage. 

In today’s dynamic, complex world of connectivity, your organization is likely struggling with vast amounts of untapped and fast-moving data throughout the analytics ecosystem. Big data and analytics offer you significant new opportunities to disrupt markets, deliver better business outcomes and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

To thrive in the new information economy, you need strategic solutions that enable you to identify and manage the data, transform it into knowledge and deliver real-time powerful insights to the point of action.

Realize true business value by using the right analytics capabilities and make stronger cognitive decisions that drive innovation for your business. 


Key services:

Analytics implementation  

Data architecture and integration planning 

Data management strategy and implementation 

Data quality management


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Alan Barnett

Over 25 years of experience leading data integration and decision support initiatives at top companies in technology, healthcare and litigation industries, Alan’s impeccable track record of delivering high-quality solutions speaks for itself. His IT clients reap the benefits of his extensive background in information management, data architecture, governance, software methodology, product design around information integration, data extraction and transformation. He is a well-respected expert in solution definition and design. An energetic and open leader, he encourages creativity and collaboration – two essentials for successful strategic initiatives. Prior to infoedge, he reduced software builds per release cycle by 40%, saved a company over $20 million in operational costs, and increased customer retention by 30% and profits by 50%. When not working, Alan plays racquetball, enjoys new adventures with his wife and increasing his tolerance for spicy foods.