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Vital Industry Support

Financial Services

Larger financial service organizations encounter significant challenges from an increase in regulations and a consumer population that view them as a "commodity service-provider". Yet, there are significant opportunities to move beyond this perception and provide unique value.

At infoedge, we leverage information from the company we are serving, public data, and our own proprietary data to build solutions that address challenges ranging from cybersecurity to customer experience.  By using real data, we help unlock value from the top to the bottom-line.


The healthcare industry is going through a transformation of tremendous proportions from delivery models to regulatory impact. Currently, emerging challenges and opportunities continue to push the industry in new and unexpected ways - and we are here to help.


At infoedge, we work with some of the largest healthcare organizations to solve their most pressing concerns. Providing information-based strategies and solutions, we’re helping our clients succeed in the information economy.

Retail & Hospitality

As the economy continues to digitize, the retail and hospitality industries continue to wrestle with price and supply chain volatility and evolving customer experiences. Competitors with the ability to provide responsive products or services are rewarded in the market through profitability and customer loyalty.

At infoedge, we help customers within the retail and hospitality industries succeed in the information economy by bringing solutions that can get them to the next level. We focus on ways to affect information-driven change at a scale that outperforms our customers' competition.

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