Optimize Data Footprint

Your data footprint is only going to get bigger and pose a greater challenge as more threats appear. 

Put a model in place for allowing better decisions and accountability while containing the cost to keep data secure. The global business environment is evolving across all industries in a push to generate, share and intelligently use greater amounts of information. Much of which is sensitive, and the growing information footprint it leaves behind becomes increasingly challenging to safeguard.

Capturing, using and sharing information in a dynamic way is also as valuable to competitors and identity or information thieves as it is to you. You need to enhance your ability to contain and direct that information in a meaningful way. The goal of every organization should be to provide just enough information at the precise moment it’s needed — no more, no less.


Key services:

Data availability 

Data protection assessment

Solution definition and design

Solution implementation 


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Preetham Peter
Managing Principal

With significant experience in financial services, healthcare and the products/services space, Preetham helps clients solve their most pressing business challenges and capitalize on their most significant opportunities. He believes in putting clients first as people, and accepts nothing less than the very best in terms of the value provided to them. He accomplishes this by facilitating discussions with the right stakeholders to truly understand the problems people face to deliver solutions that work. An advisor on many IT performance improvement areas, the depth and breadth of his subject-matter expertise allows him to come up with alternative solutions to complex business issues.