Optimize data footprint

Data is the coin of the information economy.  The data your company collects or generates has one purpose and one purpose only:  to generate value - for your customers, for your stakeholders, and for you. But what’s the cost and risk of the data that’s not generating value, and how do you balance the speculative value of retaining more data with the cost and risk of keeping it around?

infoedge’s Optimize Data Footprint offerings  help you make sure that the value you derive from your data far exceeds the risk and cost incurred from its retention.  We help you connect every data element to your business and customer needs and then roll that learning up into an optimized data profile that drive the most value with the least risk.

Selling to:

CISO/compliance officer

What is my data footprint and how can I manage the resulting risk/compliance exposures?


What is my data footprint and  and how can I get more value out of it?

Key offerings:

Map your data footprint

“I wisely started with a map” - J.R.R. Tolkien

The boundaries, perimeters, and edges of the enterprise no longer have clear demarcation. Data is collected, processed, or stored in house, in the cloud, or by third party partners and vendors. Gaining and maintaining knowledge of where your data is, where it has been, and where it’s going, not to mention who owns it, uses it, or derives value from it, is a critical first step. infoedge can help you map your data so that you know which data is at risk and how to use or improve it to generate added value for your business. infoedge helps you plan, design, and implement comprehensive and systematic data discovery and data classification programs that do just that.

Contextualize and mine your data

“Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get” - Warren Buffet

Speculation and hope are different than strategy, especially when it comes to figuring out how to derive new value from your data. Whether you are looking to increase lifetime revenue of your customers, improve end to end value by transforming the customer experience, or make better business decisions using facts and evidence, infoedge's data scientists and business analysts can help advance you from data speculation to data investment with the data you already have. Shed new light on misinformation or missed information and make new opportunities in a data-driven world.

Optimize  your data

“Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right” - Phil McGraw

Today’s technologies can often lead to  “data hoarding”: collecting and storing information that is unnecessary to your company mission. Sometimes old data can generate new value...at other times it can generate new risk. The challenge is to continuously balance between risk and reward and apply that across the entire enterprise.

infoedge can help you gain the most value from your data while controlling and accounting for the risks surrounding the data. They can’t steal what you don’t have, and what you have may be worth more than you know...


meet one of our experts:

joe knape, director

joe has 20+ years of experience in information technology and consulting, from software development and security engineering to executive suite. recognizing that change is hard, joe’s passion is improving his clients’ condition - with uncovering what changes create the biggest impact, and partnering as an experienced mentor to guide them through implementing those changes. joe previously worked as vp of engineering in the payments industry, developing “pay at the table” technology for restaurants. now he helps clients do more with less by driving out waste and increasing efficiency with their it investments. he specializes in agile, devops, lean it and beyond. his goal is for his clients to turn their technology programs into force multipliers - not cost centers. thanks to his experience, he is a master at nurturing relationships with clients. outside of work, joe enjoys traveling, immersing himself in new cultures or languages and being in nature where he can disconnect from technology.