Integrate Information Risk Architecture

Security has long been regarded as an obstacle to business innovation and a drag on time to market. 

Bolting on security as an afterthought is not effective at providing real risk reduction. The growing complexities of today’s architectures encompass things like public and private cloud, multi-tenancy and virtualization. The security architectures meant to protect these infrastructures must evolve to meet new realities.

Address security during all phases of enterprise architecture from design to operationalization. Use a risk-based approach and solid design patterns applied in a lean and agile manner to ensure your security and enterprise architectures work together.

Key services:

Cloud security architecture and migration support

Enterprise architecture integration

Risk modeling

Security architecture and network design


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Joe has 20+ years of experience in information technology and consulting, from software development and security engineering to executive suite. Recognizing that change is hard, Joe’s passion is improving his clients’ condition - with uncovering what changes create the biggest impact, and partnering as an experienced mentor to guide them through implementing those changes. Joe previously worked as VP of Engineering in the payments industry, developing “pay at the table” technology for restaurants. Now he helps clients do more with less by driving out waste and increasing efficiency with their IT investments. He specializes in Agile, DevOps, Lean IT and beyond. His goal is for his clients to turn their technology programs into force multipliers - not cost centers. Thanks to his experience, he is a master at nurturing relationships with clients. Outside of work, Joe enjoys traveling, immersing himself in new cultures or languages and being in nature where he can disconnect from technology.