Short-form Service Description (For Web and Other Uses)

Risk is core to any business. At infoedge, we help you embrace it, manage it for down- AND up-side, and drive it with hard business metrics. From the dollars and cents of risk to the right teams to ensure compliance, take your organization to the next level by embracing a culture that places risk at the center of business decisions.

Service Offerings:

  1. GRC Service & Process Transformation

From developing a service orientation to evaluating and reworking risk and compliance processes, infoedge helps you be proactive and take control of the tactical aspects of governance, risk and compliance in a manageable way. Gain valuable breathing room with efficient solutions to common risk and compliance issues.

2. Advanced Risk Evaluation & Modeling

Build the tools and expertise required for maturing and deepening risk visibility to enhance desired outcomes. From evaluating inherent and residual risks to measuring financial impact stay ahead of the curve with your risk modeling.

3. Executive Reporting & Strategy

Focus on ensuring IT risks are communicated clearly from the front line to the boardroom with improved risk reporting. Develop & deploy strategies that help guide decision makers and aid risk managers in executing and measuring the effectiveness of their programs.


meet one of our experts:

charles plummer, senior consultant

helping restructure a university’s nearly $6 billion budget during a recession gave charles an opportunity to hone his ability of creative problem-solving and spotting hidden solutions. his clients value his approach of doing what’s right above all else in business. prior to joining infoedge, he worked at a boutique strategic consulting firm providing insights in a variety of areas, from energy and big data analytics to mortgage finance. he also worked to develop quantitative risk models for financial services clients in addition to helping them deploy capital to meet their unique needs. Charles holds a master’s degree from the university of washington, and a bachelor’s from the college of william and mary. at infoedge he continues to develop creative solutions based on quantitative rigor and a keen sense of his clients needs. in his spare time charles enjoys cooking, traveling, and hiking with his wife who he met on the rugby pitch.