Evolve Compliance

In highly regulated industries, the compliance and audit burden can be immense and unrelenting.

You must comply with a complex mix of regulations that are often imprecisely defined and inconsistently enforced. Inability to manage compliance in a cost-effective manner puts the organization at a competitive disadvantage, degrades the ability of the organization to innovate, and may create risk management gaps as assurance resources are not effectively allocated. Successful compliance programs make the transition from a “check box” mentality to consultative partners within the lines of business; they remain responsive and dynamic to regulatory landscape changes by making compliance investments in skilled people, processes and tools. Setting controls that are mindful of regulations — yet adaptive as interpretations change or new guidelines are introduced — can help streamline the compliance management process and support your ability to move into new markets.

Key services:

Audit / assurance readiness

Automation and sustainment

Controls re-baseline

Compliance service definition

Program benchmarking

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Suman Kukreti
Senior Consultant

Having a decade of experience on both sides of software engineering and business analysis, Suman has hands-on proficiency in developing, leading and managing complex IT strategy solutions. She focuses on Information Risk and Compliance. With her MBA and computer science engineering background, she assesses business problems in a structured way for quick, scalable results. A creative, tactful and quick learner -- Suman shows how art and science of management blend to solve business problems. Designing a maturity roadmap to demonstrate short and long-term success for her client across different industries is her specialty. Before infoedge, she worked as a business analyst in automation and insurance sectors, handling complex technologies like SAP CRM and Six Sigma projects. She enjoys cooking, playing badminton and crocheting for its complexity.