enhance resilience

Resilience is a just another outcome of good risk management. It helps you to be more proactive in navigating business and risk decisions, provides you with the capacity to protect yourself when adversity is at your doorstep and to recover quickly with minimal losses.

Key offerings:

  1. Cyber-Security Capability Maturity

Before you make any big risk decision or buy technology, have you thought about your ability to scale your current security capabilities across your continuously evolving technology landscape?

infoedge can help you build a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to benchmark your current state and to create a security roadmap for the future.  Get it done with industry standard frameworks (like NIST) and execute with collaboration across Engineering, IT, Operations and Business. We help you know what’s achievable in the short and the long-run, with a secure process for continuous improvement where it counts the most.

2. Cloud Resilience

Virtualized computation and data management are increasingly a mandate that apply to almost every technology process and operational need. Organizations are moving to the Cloud at a breakneck pace while also rethinking and reconfiguring their security strategies for these new configurations.

There’s no cookie cutter answer to questions like: where is your data? Is it encrypted? Who owns the information and the metadata? And how can you migrate legacy data securely?

Infoedge helps you with best practices, industry standards and frameworks to shape a customized, unified, and integrated Cloud Resilience Framework. Guided by by your security and operational requirements, risk landscape, and compliance needs, the Framework delivers versatility and a minimum-security competency baseline to help you sleep better.

3. Controls Strategy

Controls are about much more than compliance -- done well, they are a systematic way to manage risk. And they need to be dynamic to stay on top of constant change in the risk landscape.

A Risk-Controls Matrix (RCM) and a Comprehensive Controls Framework (CCF) get you the right controls for your organization, provide a holistic view of security requirements, and drive both design and operational efficiency. They also create value by helping your business make the right decisions for investing in any new technology, channel valuable resources and align security objectives with business strategy.

4. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

There’s no such thing as zero risk, but customers today have zero tolerance for downtime. Infoedge helps you reconcile these competing realities with optimal operational resilience.

We can help you build a robust disaster recovery and incident response management plan that optimizes triage and contains adverse breaches or outages. Our process generates “muscle-memory” across the board, bringing top-leadership to the table and exposing your team to the latest threats and how to protect against them.  

We help clients prepare for crises that have yet to hit, stabilize the ones they’re going through right now, and deliver a response that demonstrates deepened readiness. infoedge’s solutions include our Business Continuity Program assessment, Integrated GRC roll-ups, 3rd party resiliency frameworks, and Business Impact Analysis (BIA) that will help you build operational solutions that bounce back instantly when time is precious and risk is high.


meet one of our experts:

suman kukreti, senior consultant

Having a decade of experience on both sides of software engineering and business analysis, Suman has hands-on proficiency in developing, leading and managing complex IT strategy solutions. She focuses on Information Risk and Compliance. With her MBA and computer science engineering background, she assesses business problems in a structured way for quick, scalable results. A creative, tactful and quick learner -- Suman shows how art and science of management blend to solve business problems. Designing a maturity roadmap to demonstrate short and long-term success for her client across different industries is her specialty. Before infoedge, she worked as a business analyst in automation and insurance sectors, handling complex technologies like SAP CRM and Six Sigma projects. She enjoys cooking, playing badminton and crocheting for its complexity.