Accelerate Application Security 

Building applications securely from the start doesn't have to mean limiting features. 

Applications provide the heartbeat of your organization, and your livelihood depends on how quickly you can innovate while also effectively managing the rapidly changing information security risk to your business and your customers. Legacy information security practices have been rendered obsolete by adoption of new, agile methods of product development which yield many performance benefits but can place the information security product and IT organizations into direct conflict. These organizational pressures will only continue to grow as timelines are squeezed and the information security organization is asked to do more with less.

It's important that you address these changes by focusing on the crux of the problem, applications, and do so in a manner that supports key business imperatives while successfully controlling costs. Placing an information security focus early in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) helps you reduce timeline risks and prevent escalating or unexpected information security costs. 

Key services:

Application security program ignition

Real-time applications portfolio risk mitigation

Security and testing spend optimization

Strategic application security capability evolution

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Marc Krevinghaus

A widely accomplished global information Governance, Risk and Compliance (iGRC) strategist, Marc has hands-on proficiency developing, leading, and sustaining complex and innovative programs. A highly capable leader, he is adept at building consensus across a diverse set of business and IT stakeholders to realize a common mission. With over two decades of experience in information technology management and operations, he specializes in working with large, globally significant organizations that deal with complex information risk and compliance issues, while effectively addressing business realities. Marc has successfully delivered a wide variety of complex engagements for major brands across five continents and within multiple industry sectors, specializing in financial services, health care and telecommunications. Outside of work, Marc enjoys traveling to new places.