Increase sales and expand market share by leveraging data.

Develop and execute strategies to acquire, engage and retain customers. We help you evaluate new products and markets, develop customer insight programs, and assess and improve overall customer engagement. We also help you build a deep information culture to measure and to accelerate your innovation.

Key offerings:

Portfolio Innovation + Growth

Identify gaps in services and discover opportunities to expand those services and open new markets. infoedge helps you establish a continuous learning process that rapidly evaluates and scales service and market opportunities.

Move the horizon for innovation so that new revenue streams emerge in months, not years. And if you’re ready to launch, we can make sure you have a roadmap to explore the unknowns and successfully find the most profitable strategy.



meet one of our experts:

michael gelobter, ph.d., director

Michel is an experienced leader with extensive knowledge building new institutions, and driving social and technical innovation in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He has held senior positions in advocacy, government, academia and business, with an ongoing substantive focus on environment, energy and social impact. He most enjoys using his experience to surprise clients with innovative results. Prior to joining infoedge, Michel co-founded the fastest-growing platform for building energy data and a company whose mission is to connect every purchase to a solution for global warming. In government, he managed capital budgets in excess of one billion dollars and also worked as an advocate, founding a number of environmental justice, water and oceans organizations. Michel led successful efforts to pass aggressive, revenue-generating climate legislation in California and the Northeastern United States. He was the founding director of the environmental policy program at Columbia University and the energy and environment track at Singularity University. Outside of work, Michel enjoys spending time with his kids.