Coherent user journeys translate into big returns for the companies that foster and shape them.

Customer touchpoints are often diverse and fragmented and are often owned by equally diverse and fragmented teams. The integrated customer experience across your brand may be sub-optimal, even if each individual touchpoint has been fine-tuned. infoedge melds experience, wisdom (yours and ours), and data to help unify the experience across your business, while removing inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

Key offerings:

Pre-service: Improve Consumer Awareness  

The pre-service phase is critical for your consumers. It’s when they learn about you and evaluate the views of their past experiences and competitors.

> Leverage a cross-channel approach to driving awareness and coherent messaging of your brand, value propositions, and services.

> Find ways to be sure you show up in the research/consideration stage even though you might have not been included in the initial awareness stage for some of your customers.            

Payment: The Power of Transaction in Customer Experience

In many businesses, the experience of paying you may be the only thing your customer really remembers. We can help you analyze your payment journey data (i.e. abandonment rates, different channels and tender type volumes, marketing feedback data etc...) to understand your customer pain points and preferences and to take action to radically improve the payment stage of the experience.

We help you utilize payment methods and strategies to deliver an optimized payment experience. That in turn drives up collections, avoids bad debt, and reduces costs. Great and efficient payment processes not only improve customer interactions and revenue, they also decrease call volumes and time your front-office spends servicing your client.

Post-service: Building Loyalty and Stickiness

Cultivate true loyalty by making customers’ lives easier and making each interaction - whether in-person or in-app -  “valuable” for them. From the very start, you want to have every experience be easy, seamless and memorable. More powerful than rewards, convenience and special touches are what builds customer loyalty.

Infoedge helps you create “continual convenience” to generate high loyalty and repeat business. We help you find the key to your customers’ heart by soliciting feedback, leveraging all your data, staying relevant, and providing value and appreciation.

Optimize and Enhance Delivery / Support

All your channels are changing all the time. Make sure your people and systems are keeping up with real-time listening and evolution. Whether you’re just starting down this road or well underway, infoedge brings your company’s best imagination AND most robust facts into a unified system that keeps you close to your customers and ahead of the market.

Infoedge helps you leverage technology for excellence in your service and suport functions. We help you rethink your models to streamline processes and utilize new technologies to enhance interactions and retain the most customers.

Infoedge can also drive the transformation of your back-office collection operations, vendor relationships, platforms, and technologies to drive down costs and to fit the journeys that drive the greatest value for you AND your customers.


meet one of our experts:

karolina chachulska, manager

With over a decade of experience working in professional services (financial auditing and big4 management consulting firms), Karolina is the best at what she does. She is passionate about helping her clients’ drive business performance through consumer growth and consumer engagement strategies and Karolina holds a MBA from hult international business school and a master’s of science in economics, finance and banking. As a member of UK-based accounting and managerial finance body, ACCA, she focuses on ensuring recommended strategies directly result in maximized outcomes for her clients. In her spare time, Karolina enjoys reading about autonomous vehicles and the concepts of new mobility. She plans to visit every state in the USA and continue her globetrotting adventures.