Information Revenue Innovation

Find the value of your data. 

Successful business is successful business decision-making, which begins and ends with the financial consequences. When it comes to corporate data, executives often use instinct and business experiences to make investment decisions. Yet, in the information economy, you have the opportunity to utilize corporate data to unlock value and deliver revenue growth by using information analytics to effectively innovate new products and services.

Get the right financial insights into the information driving your business to enable effective corporate strategy, innovation and day-to-day management. Conducting business effectively in the information economy means unlocking insights from your data to keep you concurrent with ever-changing, fast-paced customer demands giving you a competitive and profitable advantage.   


Key services:

Data analytics

Performance analytics

Resource allocation prioritization


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Charles Plummer
Senior Consultant

Helping restructure a university’s nearly $6 billion budget during a recession gave Charles an opportunity to hone his ability of creative problem-solving and spotting hidden solutions. His clients value his approach of doing what’s right above all else in business. Prior to joining infoedge, he worked at a boutique strategic consulting firm providing insights in a variety of areas, from energy and big data analytics to financial services. Charles holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Washington, and a bachelor’s in Geology from The College of William and Mary. In his spare time, Charles enjoys traveling, hiking and cooking with his wife who he met on the rugby pitch.