Revenue Transformation

Financial organizations are restructuring their business model to capitalize on opportunities and manage potential risks. Pressured by high costs and fierce competition, organizations are focusing on strategies to reduce cost and maintain high efficiency and high performance.

infoedge works closely with our clients to deliver cost optimization solutions to increase profitability, efficiency and productivity. We help strategize with our clients to understand their risk tolerance in order to deliver tangible and executable risk strategy to drive opportunities and insight.


Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

-Operations Efficiency
-Risk Strategy and Risk Management
-Cost Optimization Strategy

Customer Engagement Optimization

Compelling, interactive engagement with customers is key to achieve acquisition, conversion, and retention goals.

In an evolving, competitive market, financial organizations are confronted with rising customer expectations and changing customer needs. Successful organizations place a heavy focus on delivering value to customers and building innovative competitive differentiators to maintain and expand market share and drive revenue.

infoedge provides our clients with solutions that better align their business and technology objectives to achieve excellent customer satisfaction; ultimately driving revenue and retention.

Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

-Digital Customer Engagement Strategy
-Customer-centric Strategy and Implementation
-Multichannel Customer Engagement Strategy

Operational Risk Evolution

Failures of operational risk management have resulted in significant financial losses, reputational tarnish, and regulatory scrutiny of many financial services organizations and the industry as a whole. Whereas the traditional areas of market and credit risk management have held sway at financial services organizations, the events leading up to the great recession and the slew of other incidents post the recession have prioritized operational risk management as a discipline that financial services organizations must master.

infoedge has been working with leading financial services organizations to evolve their operational risk management capabilities to meet the complexity and scale of risk that many of them face - which have resulted in commensurate challenges to the evolution of operational risk management capabilities.


Ways infoedge can deliver value to your organization:

  • Operational risk evolution strategy

  • Operational risk transparency and business alignment (via Value Based Risk Management)

  • Operational risk governance and operations model design and implementation