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Join infoedge for our "Speak Easy" event at the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference.

Going to Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference? 

Infoedge will have a “speakeasy” to help you get away for a few moments in a more serene atmosphere where you can grab a beverage of your choice, even the adult kind, along with some hor oeuvres and other foodstuffs and just…well, chill! Meet other thought leaders in the industry as well as opportunities to “talk shop” with like-minded leaders.

The infoedge “SpeakEasy” will be open during the Gartner Conference hours, so you can still do the after parties. Please let us know if you can attend…more information as the conference gets closer…maybe some speak guests!

We are looking forward to having you!

Questions? Feel free to reach out at (415) 444-6886 or

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